Each House has a Guardian who is their top star reader and who best embodies the traits valued by their people. Guardians are the spiritual leaders of their worlds, and they represent their House in the Planetary Plenum, or Galactic Senate.
Each world has its own Zodai who are their best star readers and the peacekeepers of the galaxy.
To read the stars, a Zodai first accesses her Center. To do that, she must meditate deep within herself until she taps into her innermost self—her soul—and reaches the astral plane. There, her sight is not limited to the physical realm and she can read what’s written in the stars. The more Centered a Zodai is, the more Psynergy she can pull on, and the more powerful she becomes in the astral plane.
Psynergy is the “magic” that makes reading the stars possible. It’s a combination of one’s Psychic Energy (or ability to access the Collective Conscious) and Astrological Thumbprint—making everyone’s Psynergy Signature unique. Psynergy maps the atoms in the atmosphere the way the Internet maps computer code—and since the same atoms that created the universe make up humans, Psynergy connects Zodai to the literal universe.
One’s Astrological Thumbprint is a snapshot of Space at their moment of birth—the location of the stars, the rotation of the planet, the pull of the moon(s), an infinite number of factors. It’s included on one’s birth certificate.
The Psy Network is in the astral plane, and it is the Collective Consciousness of the Zodiac. Every Zodai with a Ring forms part of it.
Guardians and Zodai wear a special Ring with a core of Abyssthe that attracts Psynergy and allows its wearer to access the Psy Network, where he/she can telepathically communicate with others in the Collective Conscious.
Tonic that attracts Psynergy and fills the core of the Ring. It’s often taken by Zodai to improve their performance in the Ephemeris by lengthening their Center; when taken outside an Ephemeris setting, it has a mood-altering effect.
Gadget the Zodai use to read the stars—a small device that opens up a holographic Solar System that’s connected to the Psy Network. Once she’s reached her Center in the Ephemeris, a Zodai is granted true Sight: The stars in the holographic map align to a future time, and their trajectories leave faint arcs in Space. No one but the person using the Ephemeris can glimpse the future it projects because it functions within the Psy Network and is therefore confined to the mind of its user. Since skill level and ability determine what and how much a Zodai can See, visions of the future are unique for everyone.
An Astralator is a tool the Zodai can use to read the Psynergy in the stars’ movements. When pointed at the faint arcs left behind in the Ephemeris, it estimates a series of factors—distance traveled, gravitational pull, rotational axis, etc—to determine the movement’s Astrological Footprint. A Zodai can then plug those numbers into Equations that help make predictions.

Pronunciation Key

  • Rhoma: \rō- mah\
  • Mathias: \mah-thahy-uh s\
  • Hysan: \hahy-sahn\
  • Ophiuchus: \of-ee-yoo-kuh s\
  • Ochus: \oh-kuh s\
  • Crius: \krahy-uh s\
  • Eusta: \yü-stah\
  • Morscerta: \mœrs-kair-tah\
  • Charon: \kair-uhn\