January 20 – February 18
Supreme Guardian


The Water Bearer constellation has three planets, each with its own moon. The atmospheres of all three planets are in perfect harmony, so Aquarians live on every surface available to them. Each planet is home to two Clans.

The People, Personality

House Aquarius brings Philosophy to the Zodiac. Its people are introspective, intelligent, inquisitive, humanitarian, and true trailblazers, though sometimes their determination to design a better world can make them seem excessively eccentric, radical, and revolutionary to outsiders. At heart, Aquarians are full of hope for tomorrow, and their minds are fountains of ideas for how to create a more interconnected world.

The House’s people are divided into Six Clans: the Nightwing (their glyph is an Owl, they’re the House’s star readers), the Literati (their glyph is a book, they’re the House’s literary scholars and educators), the Fellowship (their glyph is a Hand, they’re the House’s social conscience and philanthropists), the Naturalists (their glyph is a Tree, they’re the House’s environmentalists), the Visionaries (their glyph is an Eye, they’re the House’s creators of a better tomorrow), and finally, the Royal Clan, which is represented by a Crown and is where the House’s Monarchy resides.

The People, Physically

Aquarians have narrow faces, ivory skin, and glassy eyes with irises that span every shade of the sky—white, gray, blue, purple, black, yellow, orange, pink, red. The Elders on Aquarius (the House’s Guardian and Zodai from each Clan) lose their birth names when they are sworn in and adopt a new name that’s given to them by their Clan, consisting of a single, personality-embodying word.

The Technology

Citizens are divided into one of the Six Clans, each represented by a different symbol. All Aquarians carry with them a Philosopher’s Stone, a computer-like device encased in a lead pendant that hangs from a silver chain around their neck. Its design varies according to Clan, and they use it to access holographic data or send messages to others. Clans are connected through a network of Philosopher’s Stones so that at any given moment, an Aquarian can access every member of her Clan at once, transmitting a video feed of what she’s seeing and opening a channel to her Elders’ counsel.

The Government

House Aquarius is a Royal Monarchy under the rule of the Supreme Guardian who is always a member of the Royal Clan. On Aquarius, being Guardian is a birthright, so lineage is determined by blood. Often, the House’s best star reader will actually be the Guardian’s Senior Advisor and not the Guardian himself.

The Guardian

Supreme Guardian Gortheaux the Thirty-Third—The youngest Guardian in centuries, he is only six years old, so Supreme Advisor Untara rules in his stead.

The Weapon

The Elders of House Aquarius are always unassumingly armed with their Barer: a devastating multi-weapon made of a series of connected rings fitted perfectly to the wearer’s dominant hand, making it a very quick draw. When an Elder makes a fist, metals in the rings convert energy from the atmosphere, emitting brilliant aqua arcs of electricity. The wearer can then either use the Barer as a sword, or mold the energy into the form of a bow that will fire off devastating electric blasts. For hand-to-hand combat situations, the Barer grows a blazing row of electric spikes, turning into a terrifying set of “brass knuckles” that delivers electric jolts every time it connects with an opponent.