May 21 – June 20


The Double constellation has two colonized planets. The largest one, Hydragyr, is an airless cratered rock, but its mountains hold a trove of rare metals. The smaller planet, Argyr, has been terraformed to support a vast forest and shines like a green melon in Space. It’s a lush garden planet with plenty of breathable air and decent atmospheric pressure.

The People, Personality

House Gemini represents Imagination. Its people are creative, loquacious, curious, and complex, and can be indecisive, cryptic, and moody. Though not all Geminin are twins, only twins can be chosen to be Guardians. In the early days of the galaxy, Gemini led the Zodiac in scientific and humanitarian achievements. Its leading thinkers imagined solutions for every problem and brought many of those solutions to life. When Geminin scientists discovered cell regeneration, holding onto youth became a House obsession.

Gemini is a House divided: The rich live in splendor on Argyr, while the vast majority of Geminin work in beryllium mines deep under the surface of Hydragyr, unearthing the planet’s rich minerals in the hopes of one day retiring to Argyr. There is a second settlement of people on Hydragyr made up of Geminin who aren’t seeking riches; rather, they use their incredible imaginations to build fantastical cities within the rock.

The People, Physically

The people of Gemini have coffee-colored eyes and lustrous tawny skin that ranges in complexion from salmon pink to deep burnt orange. The aristocrats on Argyr are all centenarians, yet, thanks to their regenerating cells, they look like twelve-year-olds. They wear formfitting suits that gleam in metallic patterns of brass, nickel, and platinum, with accents of glittering jet. They’re purposefully androgynous, so it’s very hard to tell females from males.

The Technology

Their official technology is a Tattoo, a device that is emblazoned on the palms of their left hands, which they can use to call up information and communicate with others. Each Tattoo is unique—in appearance and function—because each Geminin designs and programs his or her own.

The Government

Gemini is governed by its Guardians, which are always chosen in sibling pairs. Each time a pair of Twins is chosen, they have carte blanche to re-imagine a government they think will work best for their people. The current Guardians, Twins Caaseum and Rubidum, have been around about three hundred years, and they like to change things up every century. The last hundred years, they ran Gemini as a dictatorship, with Twin Caaseum ruling Hydragyr and Twin Rubidum ruling Argyr. This century, they went for a democratically elected government, themselves opting to serve in an advisory capacity.

The Guardians

Twins Caaseum and Rubidum Angelo—They are the longest-living Guardians in the history of the galaxy, with the exception of the Zodiac’s Original Guardians, who are said to have ruled for at least five hundred years.

The Weapon

Dreamcasters defend themselves with the Sumber: a twin-barreled gun that injects enemies with a concentrated dose of a serum, similar to that used in Imaginariums, that incapacitates them and traps them within their subconscious. One barrel releases a pellet that unlocks the target’s innermost dreams, and the other releases a pellet that unleashes their deepest nightmares. Depending on the intensity level of the dose, hallucinations can be temporary, or in extreme cases, permanent. To kill an enemy, a Dreamcaster shoots him twice, with a pellet from each barrel—the double dose causes a brain aneurism that is instantly fatal.