November 22 – December 21


The Archer constellation has four planets—all inhabited—and five moons. Their main planet, Centaurion, is a circus of curiosities: The buildings are bizarre shapes and colors, their outer walls covered with questions and diagrams and ideas; the sidewalks are lined with strange gadgets for ogling or tinkering with, from the antiquated to the futuristic; and people share the streets with androids, floating devices, and every kind of transportation vehicle imported from all over the Zodiac, spanning every time period.

The People, Personality

House Sagittarius brings Curiosity to the Zodiac. Its people are inquisitive, intelligent, brave, independent, and natural adventurers who can sometimes come off as argumentative, detached, and impatient. While most citizens do live on their own home planets, Sagittarius is one of the more widespread Houses because they’re born wondering wanderers: Sagittarians are truth-seekers who will follow a trail of knowledge to whatever end, having fun the whole way.

The People, Physically

Sagittarians have thick dark hair, and their skin spans shades from soft cinnamon to coal black. They have long-cut cat eyes that are sometimes slanted.

The Technology

Sagittarians don’t believe in most age restrictions, so children are encouraged to travel with their friends from age eleven on—that’s why Sagittarians’ computer-like device is a Tracker. Since they’re such nomadic souls, the Tracker is a flint wristband that projects holographic data and doubles as a locator. It’s so Sagittarian families can track their loved ones across the Zodiac.

The Government

Sagittarius has a democratically elected government, and the Guardian serves in an advisory capacity. Sagittarians believe all humans are equal and are the only House that doesn’t bow to its Guardian or use a holy title to refer to her. Above all, they value freedom and dislike being tied down—which is why they have one of the most youthful House governances in the Zodiac.

When Sagittarian Zodai—Stargazers—complete their Academy training at twenty-two, they can present themselves as candidates for House elections. By that age, most Sagittarians have traveled extensively with their classmates—Sagittarian schools frequently plan field trips to the House’s other planets, even to neighboring Verity on Capricorn to explore the Zodiax—so by their graduation, Sagittarians are ready to channel their education and explorations into a position of power. Even though, technically, anyone can put themselves forward, it’s rare for someone over thirty to volunteer, since by that age their interest in home begins to wane and they start itching to explore the rest of the universe.

The Guardian

Guardian Brynda Wazel—Only twenty-three years old, she was chosen by the stars two years ago and is thirsty for a chance to prove herself to her House and the Zodiac.

The Weapon

Stargazers’ signature weapon is an Arclight: a portable metallic device that attaches to soldiers’ Trackers, that shoots bullets that burst into flames on contact. For easier targeting, greener Sagittarians can set their weapon to emit a red beam of light that lines up with their line of sight.