October 23 – November 21


The Scorpion constellation has three planets, but only the largest, Sconcion, is inhabited. Orbited by two moons, Sconcion’s surface is eighty percent water with a sprinkling of landmasses spaced throughout the globe. Some of these landmasses are used as spaceports, but most are designated testing zones for Scorps’ latest inventions and experiments.

Scorps live and make their homes in underwater cities. There are a dozen waterworlds on Sconcion, each its own sovereign territory. Half are located in waters shallow enough for the city-tops to break the ocean’s surface, while the other half are buried in waters so deep that only House Scorpio’s special deep-sea watercrafts can endure the pressure.

The People, Personality

House Scorpio represents Innovation. Its people are inventive, inquisitive problem solvers who can also be obsessive, greedy, secretive, dark, and moody. As represented by their symbol of the Scorpion, Scorps are most often likely to sting first and ask questions later. They can spend their lives exploring rabbit holes so deep that others would drown in their darkness. Yet Scorps dive eagerly into every depth, determined to discover the secrets of tomorrow before even the stars do.

The People, Physically

Scorps are typically thin and wiry and have long faces. Their most distinctive trait is the way they add strange pieces of technology to their clothing that are often their own inventions.

The Technology

As they are always in some stage of creativity, Scorps use a fingertip device called a Paintbrush to design holographic blueprints of their latest innovations. The device can also be used to record, review and send information.

The Government

Scorpio’s waterworlds are sovereign territories, so each is run differently and independently from the others. Though the Guardian is the spiritual leader of all Scorps, no one authority wields House-wide power. Instead, the Guardian rotates from one waterworld to the next, spending six months in each, acting as advisor to the government and mentor for budding inventors.

The Guardian

Chieftain Placarus Skiff—A descendant of Galileo Sprock, who invented the first hologram, Guardian Skiff is a great inventor himself. He designed the very first Skiff, which he named after himself—a one-person rescue ship equipped to assist escape pods and other small vessels that run into danger in Space.

The Weapon

Stridents fight with the Scarab: a black bangle that clamps onto the wrist that, when triggered, will fire tiny darts toward its intended target. A long-held Scorp secret, the paralyzing poison in the darts is so effective that it can render any electronic devices on the target’s person completely useless. The poison is fatal unless its antidote is administered within 24 hours; this gives Stridents a window of time to evaluate a violent situation before determining their enemy’s fate. Due to the small, elegant nature of the weapon, most targets don’t even know they’ve been stung until it’s too late. If anyone attempts to wear another Strident’s Scarab, it will not work; instead, it will turn against the impostor and inject its poison into him instead.